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May 4th - St James, NY

An Evening with Sarah & Willow,

Register on Sarah’s website at:

May 6th - Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

It’s going to be intimate- 10-15 people.

Would love to have you join and contribute your amazing energy to the event

“Storytelling activations and lessons communicating with extraterrestrials, faeries, and other realms.”

Join us as Willow speaks about his real-life experiences to bring the energy of storytelling activations into your reality so that you may experience and communicate with the beings of other realms as we ascend into higher spaces. Willow will speak about his experiences, perform a short guided meditation, followed by sharing and questions. Meet like-minded individuals having beautiful experiences with magical beings.

Date: 5/6
Time: 6 pm- 8 pm
Location: Farmhouse Retreat Center in Kennett Square (3 minutes from Longwood Gardens)
Address: 901 Sills Mill Road, Kennett Square, PA
Energy Exchange : $88 Register below

June 20-24 The Lemurian Life Expo, Mt. Shasta

Join me at the Lemurian Life Expo where I’ll be holding a workshop in Mt. Shasta, California. This is an event not to be missed with the magical energies of Shasta and me just coming off of my ocean travels. Join us for a wonderful time by Faery Falls as we do a storytelling activation and meditation to connect you to the water beings of our world, galaxy, and beyond. Registration >>


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