Friends & Family Readings

Sit in on mini spirit art readings with others where you can learn about ETs, Fae, and more. We’ll do a ten minute reading for everyone who attends. Give each of you spirit art. And then have a question and answer session.

What Others Are Saying

“I think your format is terrific. I like that you had a timer because we all know how easy it is to be distracted in the flow of spirit. The fact you were able to cram so much in artistically for each of us was amazing (and a treat). I’m sure it was really nice to embark on a new type of session doing it with people you are comfortable with who get you and not someone who is newer. You have such a calm presence and you so lovingly give us space to be us. I’m so grateful.” – Pam

“I had an incredible time at the Friends and Family session. The presence of guides brought me so much happiness. I was thrilled to receive a drawing depicting their appearance. Having my questions answered filled me with a sense of peace. I highly recommend this event to everyone. Willow’s amazing gift left me with a heart full of joy and peace.” – Cindy

“I had an incredible experience at the friends and family workshop! Seeing the drawing of my spirit guides and receiving their messages was truly amazing. Willow is exceptionally talented at what he does. I’m grateful that he shares his wonderful gifts with the world, and I left the event with all my questions answered and a clear perspective. It was a truly uplifting and enlightening experience! To anyone considering attending a friends and family workshop I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. I am thankful for this wonderful experience, thank you Willlow!!” – Denise

Highly recommend. Willow is very personable. It’s nice being in a group setting where each person’s story contributes to the entirety of the session. If you’re looking to connect with loved one’s in a comfortable atmosphere among friends then this is the workshop for you.” – Lori


During this session, I’ll bring each of you on screen to participate in a real-time spirit art session for about 10 minutes. Keep in mind, this is real-time so the artwork will be sketch oriented, low detail, and quickly drawn. You’ll find yourself able to sit in the energy, get some advice if your team has advice to give, and see a picture of one of your team members.

As a collective, the energy and messages typically applies to everyone. So make sure you stick around for each reading. And when the readings are done, I’ll open a forum for questions of any kind. Bring questions with you! 🙂

This is a shared reading. So everyone involved will see the other readings. If you have private questions, make sure you use those for another time.

The video will be available after the call for those who participate. I’ll scan and send everyone their pictures afterwards too.

Let’s meet your friends & family!

Examples of past artwork

We get many beings to come through with you. Spirit has me sketch suuuuper fast. So we cram what we can into the reading to tell you some of the beings who are around.

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