15 Week ET Activation Course & Camping Trip

Would you like to go on a journey through the cosmos? Activate more ET abilities? Spend time in nature with Willow?

After journeying to Sedona and Flagstaff, my guides gave me a large download of something they’d like me to offer for individuals looking at accelerating their ET and Faery communication. They showed me a multiple level course ending in a series of 3 day workshops in the natural areas I go to.

But what about taking people into nature? I haven’t seen myself doing this as large numbers of people affect our ability to experience… but… my guides said, “Take 3. 3 people only. Just like we have 3 fingers.” … They were an ET guide.

So we’ll take 12 people for the courses and split those into 3 per trip. The first trip only allows for 6 people. The mountains get cold starting in October, so we may need to hold or determine a different location for the other 6. First come, first serve.

You will have a one hour session with me and other classmates on Zoom each week at 9pm EST. A community (likely on Telegram) will be available for help. I will be your teacher and guide. There will be homework and just like any educational course, you will be expected to complete it in order to move on to the next steps.

In order to attend the trip, attendees are expected to participate in all portions of the course and homework assignments. However, you do not have to be on the Zoom meetings every time. They will be recorded. You can watch them at will and perform the homework exercises to complete that section.

Some homework will be for you to do on your own and some will be reviewed by me. This will be a sharing community with safety in sharing. Much of the homework will be shared on the community platform (Telegram) so that we may all learn and help each other.

Here is the developing course schedule. All dates are for 9pm EST.

ET Basics - Level 1 - $250

1) The History and Perception of Extraterrestrials – June 12
An hour about the history of ET contact, my background, types of experiences, and the basics of experiences.

Homework: Perception & Fear Exercises, Relaxation Meditation

2) The Beginnings of Experiences – June 19
About tuning, vibration, abduction is an experience, my experiences, and understanding them before and after the event.

Homework: Relaxation meditation, journaling, and the perception of a historical experience.

3) Protections, Interactions, and Communication Dos and Don’ts – June 26
The basics of protection. Why it’s important. Different types of interaction stories and communication tips I’ve experienced with other beings.

Homework: Complete the Build Your Spiritual Fortress course.

4) Meditations and Experiencing ETs – July 3
How to communicate with ETs through meditation and astral means. Stories about my experiences. Walking through a standard ET meditation.

Homework: ET Meditation

5) Stories of the Races – July 10
Talk about the basic races who first interacted with me and others. Arcturians, Pleiadians, Zetas, Lyrans, and Sirians. Talk of my own experiences and details they wish to give.

Homework: Continue the work or head into LVL 2

Intermediate ET Concepts - Level 2 - $250

Prerequisite: Level 1
Course in development and subject to change

1) Understanding the Types of Worlds and the Universe – July 17
Earth is not the only type of habitable world. What else is there?

Homework: ET Meditation for a different world

2) Technologies of ETs You May Encounter – July 24
A primer on many of the technologies I’ve encountered to help you understand what you may also encounter on your travels. How will these affect our Earthly world?

Homework: ET Meditation for technology

3) Overcoming Fear and Judgment – July 31
How can you overcome fear and judgment? Stories of fear and the shifts experienced during them.

Homework: ET Meditation for fear and judgment

4) Physical Encounters and Preparation – August 7
Stories about physical interaction, preparing yourself, and engaging in contact.

Homework: Hello the Clouds, inviting light physical contact (Might move to later)

5) Stories of the Races – August 14
Andromedans, hybrids, light beings, and others.

Homework: ET Activation and meditation

Advanced Concepts and Activations - Level 3 - $250

Prerequisite: Level 2
Course in development and subject to change

1) Activation to the Universal Antennae on Earth – August 21
An activation to a piece of technology that will help you access spaces far across the universe and specific beings with ease.

Homework: Antennae meditation

2) Activation to the Starport Welcome Area – August 28
Stories and activations to the starport, beings, and spaces you can access.

Homework: Visit the Starport

3) Humans Living in Space – September 4
Activation and awareness to other humans living on nearby planets and other areas.

Homework: Contact a human

4) Helping Consciousness Grow – September 11 – May be postponed depending on LVL 4 dates
Working against the destruction and imbalance of the universe. How do you work with ETs to spread light, help consciousness grow, and help the world?

Homework: ?

5) The Future of ET Work and the Need for Ambassadors – September 18 – May be postponed depending on LVL 4 dates
What comes next? What should you do? How do you proceed now that you have all this information and these activations?

Homework: Continue the work.

ET Workshop Trip - $1500

Workshop in development and subject to change

Pay by: June 30th, Save 10%
Pay by: July 30th, Save 5%


  • Must be enrolled in or have taken the ET Level 3 workshop.
  • Must have taken at least 1 Faery individual workshop or a level one Faery workshop hour. A one-hour Faery workshop is free of charge with the purchase of level 4.


  • 3 paid lunches and 1 paid dinner in the Sedona/Flagstaff area based on our itinerary, developed together during the preparatory meetings.
  • Cold food at camp and any requests. Meat is allowed, however, I don’t allow cooking it on the mountain. It must be dried. Otherwise it attracts animals. I recommend primarily eating cold food. The less you have to cook, the easier it is and less risk to attracting wildlife. I do not take responsibility for cooking. But I will help when capable. We’ll talk about this in the preparatory sessions. Please do ask any questions.
  • A group campsite, tent, and basic supplies while you stay with me.
  • Pick up and drop off from the agreed upon airport. DO NOT buy your airfare until the event is confirmed and dates are set. I’ll know this by June 15th.
  • Take home spirit art I draw during the event, chosen at random.
  • More to come…

Two trips estimated with ONLY 3 attendees each
September 11th – 15th
September 18th – 22nd

Join Willow on a trip into the areas of Flagstaff and Sedona to experience ETs, Faeries, and other beings. Three days and four nights with Willow on a camping excursion with other beings. This is a camping trip, not a wellness retreat. You will be in nature, on a mountain or in the desert, with a few exceptions.

There will be 3 class meetings prior to the trip. Each an hour long to prepare you and allow you to express questions, concerns, and more, as well as developing the itinerary. The classes will meet during the same weeks as the ET LVL 3 course. Dates unknown.

Only 3 people are allowed on any trip at a time. No more.

This may be an intensive trip for many. It won’t be deep, deep wilderness, but expect no cell phone reception and the possibility of no facilities (toilet/shower). Daily showers will be provided in Flagstaff when necessary. One daily meal at a restaurant in Sedona/Flagstaff area and food at camp for all others. Camping supplies will be provided. Keep in mind, camping means a tent, sleeping bag, and a pillow. Not glamping, rvs, etc.

Many have had the idea they want to “do what Willow does” so this event will be tailored towards that idea with some leeway. I understand not everyone wants to go days without a shower, for example. Hikes will be a daily occurrence. Sedona’s trails are pretty easy for the most part. The mountain has no trails, but we can walk around the lake provided care is taken over the rocks. There will be a lot of just sitting and being… to speak with many of these beings and experience them, we need to just sit and be with them.

Getting There

Once you register, DO NOT book your travel arrangements until you are confirmed with the dates and an arrival airport. I’m still determining how to get everyone together. Likely, I’ll choose a single airport or central pickup location of some kind.

Schedule of Events

Itinerary will be released closer to the date of the event. This is a general idea.

Morning routines: Up to you until 8:00am. At 8am, we’ll leave for Flagstaff to shower at Little America Hotel for days 2 thru 4. I generally take a morning hike and do a yoga routine. Breakfast of cold foods and things like tea at camp.

Day 1 – Arrival at camp by 6pm, introductions, setting expectations
Day 2 – Morning routines, Sedona for hike and meditations, lunch in Sedona, break time, back to mountain for dusk/night festivities of contact
Day 3 – Morning routines, Sedona or Flagstaff for hike and meditations, lunch, break time, back to the mountain for dusk/night festivities of contact
Day 4 – Morning routines, Student choice of Sedona, Flagstaff, or staying on the mountain.
Day 5 – Drop off at applicable airport

Payment Details

Book the whole series by June 30th for 10% off.
Book by July 30th for 5% off.
Trip must be booked prior to August 15th.

Deposits are allowed. You may pay by credit card, check, money order, Zelle, or Venmo.

Mail checks and money orders to:
Willow Shire
PO Box 320
Jefferson, Ohio 44047

Full Course & Trip Deposit Schedule
You may pay in custom installments as long as you are paid in full prior to each course and the trip is paid in full by August 30th. This installment schedule is recommended for an even split.
By June 5th: $560
By June 30th: $560
By July 30th: $560
By August 30th: $570

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