Evenings with Willow

Join Willow for an evening of questions, meditations, and experiences. Let’s have fun, activate you within the presence of my energy in nature, and discuss spirituality, extraterrestrials, and more in a safe environment.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 17th – Four Mile Creek State Park outside of Buffalo, New York. Register Here >>

Saturday, June 24th – Raccoon Creek State Park outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Register Here >>


This is a personal experience with a small group limited to only 3 people, unless attendance is pre-approved by Willow.

If you wish to spend the night at camp, you are more than welcome to bring supplies to do so. Unless otherwise noted, the events end at 9pm, and provided this takes place at a campsite, you may choose to stay to enjoy the night watching the stars and possibly experience the magic of other beings. In most cases, these events will take place in natural areas, typically state parks instead of the deep woods, so we have facilities and easier access to my location. In places where we don’t have access to nature, inner city, fully booked campgrounds, etc, I’ll find a resonate meeting place for us to work out of.

There is no guarantee that we will see or meet other beings, but as an old friend once said, “People who spend time around you experience weird sh*t.”

These events will include:

  • Meditations
  • Conversation, Q&As
  • Spirit art of beings I/we encounter
  • Games and festivities
  • Energetic activations by being in my energy and speaking together
  • The possibility of bringing together 3+ people within a local community
  • In certain cases where I have a campsite, you’ll have the option to spend more time by staying the night and bringing camping supplies.
  • Food: I’ll bring some food. This will all be cold based meaning it has no need to be cooked and vegan oriented. If you want to bring your own food, please do so. I’ll create a list before the event of things I will bring.

Want me to visit your area?

Email me at willow@awakenwithwillow.com to add your city/region to my list. Once I have an interested area, I’ll review it and possibly schedule a weekend to be in the area.

Want me to visit your family and/or friends on your own property?

You may book me for an evening on your own property instead of the countryside, provided you have natural space to work on. Just email me, see above, or reach out on social media to discuss more details and timing, as well as pricing.

Unless otherwise noted for an event, ticket pricing is $250 per person for a 6 hr workshop. If it takes place at a campsite, you are more than welcome to spend the night provided you bring your own supplies and let me know in advance.

My energy is strong and high vibrational to be around. It is highly recommended that you have attended at least one other workshop or one-on-one session to get to know me more so you are prepared for an in person encounter.

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